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  • Michele becomes a Warrior Cheese Maiden under the tutelage of this Cheese Master.
  • Would you want to launch yourself into the arms of these men?
  • Learn Cockney rhyming slang with the true Pearlies!
  • Don't dance yourself to death with this bunch of zombies!
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About Michele

Michele was born in the US to British parents. They had immigrated to Canada as the first stop to following her Mother's dream of being a Hollywood costume designer. Originating from an island that could be crossed coast-to-coast in a day, they set off from Toronto with plans to be in LA by nightfall. The car broke down in Michigan and there they stayed!

Michele's experience is extensive, from corporate work to TV craft demonstrating. She has a love for acting and earned three Shakespeare certificates from RADA.

To watch her showreel, click here.

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