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Artists & Musicians

After studying modern art at school, Michele has always had a passion for art. Her favourites are those who create the unusual, the unexpected, and the downright wacky. No, not a bunch of rocks on the floor in a museum! If she sees rocks one more time in a gallery, she will kick the pile, destroy them, and probably be arrested. She prefers jail is not her next destination. Instead she prefers to meet those who are more thought provoking.

megan massacre
Megan Massacre
Tattoo artist extraordinaire!
jj adams
JJ Adams
Artist inspired by tattoos
Clown Party
Celebrate Grimaldi, father of modern clowning
clown museum
Clown Museum Part 1
Mattie the clown gives us a tour
clown museum part 2
Clown Museum Part 2
Mattie continues the tour
jan constantine
Jan Constantine
Jan talks about her great British designs on sale at Harrods
joseph street poet
Street Poetry
Meet the Poet of Rue de la Poem (aka Villiers Street)
joy the poet
Joy and his Joystick
The Joy is Free! And so is the video
Pochoir street artist
Harpist of St. Paul's tube
Meet the St Paul's Tube Buckingham Palace Harpist
Pochoir street artist
Street Artist Pochoir
Meet Pochoir at Follow Your Art - Street Art Against Slavery
olek crochet artist
Polish crochet artist Olek gives an insight into her work
Pochoir street artist
Unraveling Crochet
Anya of Tony's Gallery discusses their featured artist, Olek